Embossed Carrier Tape

Consistency, dependability, predictability, and reliability are absolute requirements for carrier tape handling of IC’s. ePAK’s customers benefit from the consistency of ePAK’s carrier tapes. The order you receive today is just like the last and will be just like the next. The result is Set-And-Forget processing parameters.

  • A Broad Set of Application Specific Materials:
    – Tri-laminate materials for superior tape strength
    – Homogeous materials for enhanced ESD performance and deeper pockets
    – eVISION designs for enhanced vision system, in-pocket inspection performance for fewer false machine stoppages

  • IC Protection

  • Bare Die
    – Precision pockets
    – Polycarbonate contamination control

  • Components
    – Clear PET and Polycarbonate Materials
    – Deep Pocket and Odd-Form Capabilities

  • Reels to Meet Every Requirement
    – Antistatic and Conductive Reels
    – Multi-piece and Nesting Reels

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