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Device protection and contamination control begins at the wafer fab and extends to the assembly site. ePAK never forgets that the most valuable product in the semiconductor and electronics industry is also the most fragile and susceptible to mishandling and contamination. Not all wafers are created equal…with back-grinding, unique material sets, and exotic semiconductor processes, one product does not fit all wafers.
From ePAK's most advanced eLX wafer canisters to cost efficient wafer jars, ePAK tailor fits their products to meet your requirements.

   eLX™ Zero-Movement Canisters

The ultimate in wafer shipping. ePAK’s patented design combines the best performance features of vertical cassettes and old style coin-stack shippers

   Best overall wafer protection with the lowest cost of ownership in the 
   Ultimate in wafer breakage protection
   Bond pad and bump integrity through zero-inter-wafer movement feature
   Interfaces with leading automated equipment


   Revolutionary cushioning option replaces dirty foams to form a system 
      eliminating corrosion and organic contaminants

  Patented adjustable spacer option that enhances wafer protection by 
      controlling packing process variability and minimizing vertical movement

     eCT Standard Wafer Canisters
 Enhanced protection for standard and thinned wafers
   Sizeable savings from increased packing density

     eJR Wafer Jars
   Maximum Packing Density
   Lowest Cost Wafer Handling

     Wafer Interface Materials - ePAK Offers the Full Set of Inter Carrier 
   Interleaf or Wafer Separators
   High-Purity Conductive materials
   Tyvek® Interleaf
   Cushion Disks & Edge Protectors
   Closed Cell Foam (Conductive and Anti-Static Materials)
   ePAD® cushioning (high purity replacement to foam)
     ePRO™ Shipping Boxes
   Engineered for the vertical shipping of 25 wafers per box

     Single Wafer Shippers
  For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12 inch inch wafers, up to the 450mm wafer,
       ePAK has industry approved Coinstyle or Clamshell solutions.

     Process Boats and Boxes
   In Process handling of wafers with standard machine interface

     Hoop Rings and Shippers
  Full Range of sizes, custom colors available
   Vacuum-formed single Shippers
   Injection Molded Multishippers


 Flex Frames and Shippers
  Metal & Plastic Flex Frames and Shippers
   Full Range of sizes and materials

   Vacuum-formed & Injection molded Shippers

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ePAK Wafer Products Catalog

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